Services for Independent Shops


As an independent retailer/shop we want to make our own choices, for many that's why we opened our own business.  Often as owner/managers our time is stretched to the max,  we often push aside day to day operational costs and facilities, in place of the more urgent.  

At RST we are retailers, who work with many other retailers.  We are familiar with 'if its not broke, don't meddle'. At RST we won't meddle but we will give you better costs on day to day operational and marketing services to reduce your monthly outgoings, plus much more.

For instance; would you like to reduce your credit card processing charges ie save money on every transaction when your customers pay by credit or debit cards.  I know we did and now pay much less then .12p per transaction.  During 2013 RST saved fellow retailers over £85,000 in processing charges.  Can you really afford to miss out?

Do you want assistance with your marketing message, starting a loyalty scheme, replica watches websites, email marketing and much more? For less than £1.00 per day RST provide an invaluable service which will save you 100's if not 1,000's of pounds on day to day retailing needs.

Request a copy of our leaflet, using the contact form opposite, click here for a brief outline or view our short film.  Its easy to understand and will show you instantly what RST can do for you.  TOGETHER IT'S WIN WIN WIN.


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