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RST is probably one of the garden industries best kept secrets! We don't spend our resources shouting about what we do. †But now you have found us, learn more about our service which†saves you time and money without a high annual subscription or other ties-in. † We built our model around you retaining your independence.†

An annual subscription costing under £1.00 per day can deliver a return of over 110%, that's what fellow garden centres are already benefiting from.† Over the years RST have saved independent garden centres thousands in costs and the majority of centres re-couped their annual subscription. †So can you. †Got some questions? See if our FAQ's can answer some initially.

When joining RST you immediately take advantage of the benefits and much more. †If you have time, take a look at our Accredited Partners, you may find you deal with many already or are considering new product lines or reviewing your operational/marketing costs and needs. ††

Strapped for time, watch our quick film, or request a copy of our leaflet and information, using the form opposite. We will explain how you can save £100's if not £1,000's on a great many of your day to day retail needs, all at advantegous prices. TOGETHER ITS WIN WIN WIN.

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