Retail Solutions 

Welcome to Retail Services Team, a fast growing unique team for independent garden centres and retailers to lean on.  Garden Centres and independent shops that want to save money whilst remaining completely in control and with no risk of losing their identity or being contracted to spend a specific amount on stock, will flourish with the benefits RST provide.  

For manufacturers, suppliers and brands, Retail Services Team provide comprehensive marketing, support and a channel to market for those who want to gain attention and commitment from independent retailers. 

For service providers Retail Services Team provide a comprehensive strategy and team to promote your facilities, direct to warm leads.  

Retail Services Team operate nationwide. Our services cater for and are used by leading brand manufacturers, service providers, growers and nurseries. Our solutions, facilities and services are open to all independent retailers, manufacturers and service providers. There are no hidden charges, no monthly fees.  

You can stand alone, although.......TOGETHER IT'S WIN, WIN, WIN. 





Privacy Policy

RST focus on helping your business by providing services and facilities that work for you without placing restrictions on your choice and selection of suppliers or the services and facilities you choose to adopt.